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by Bryan over at BBOS Frequently Asked Questions
When I opened Shrink-A-OS.exe for the first time I get an Initialization Error, how do I fix it?
Go HERE and download the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1.

Can I shrink after installing the OS?
Yes, you can. Shrink the OS, then run through Loader or Desktop Manager again to shrink it down on your phone.

Its not working...
Make sure to either: Browse for the OS folder that you want to shrink or place it in the OS folder that you want to shrink.
If you are sure you did that, then try running Shrink-A-OS as Administrator by right clicking it and clicking "Run as Administrator" (it might say Owner or something else in some cases, click it)
Now attempt to Shrink again.

Why won't the IM icons go away?
The IM apps are apart of the Service books. Those icons you see now are just links to the OTA downloads of them, not the actual app. Try clicking one and see that it will direct you to the browser. Only solution for that right now is to hide them unless Verizon/Telus/other carriers change that on their end.

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