Having used my Z10 for a few weeks now, I am really enjoying it. Coming from a Bold 9900 and a Torch 9810 previous to that, I was worried about how much trouble I was going to have with the onscreen keyboard. Needless to say, as I type this from my Z10, I have come to really like using it. That along side the peek functionality, which I use quite frequently, have really made the switch over a delight. Despite that, there are a few things I would love to see in future updates. Below is a wishlist I have made.

– On screen notifications of a message: currently when you receive a message of any kind it will only alert you via led/sound/vibration, depending on how you have it set. I think something like a toast message that shows a preview and can be tapped to take you directly to the message or swiped away to dismiss would be most effective.
– Increase maximum number of active frames: currently the limit is only 8. I think an increase to 10/12 might be possible considering the internal hardware, but that might not be the only issue. Perhaps even
once you opened beyond the max, the oldest could be minimized to some sort of app tray or even continue to run, but be accessible by app icon instead of active frame. On the other hand this would probably require some sort of task manager as well, which I don’t think would hurt to have anyway.
– Better BlackBerry Protect integration: currently only provides location of device, which is great in certain scenarios, but is quite limited in comparison to the BBOS version. I think this would have helped me a lot with the issue I was having restoring my data from my Bold using the first release of BlackBerry Link.
– Better BlackBerry Bridge functionality: right now you’re quite limited in what you can do when bridging to your PlayBook. You can share your data with it and that’s about as far as it goes. Again I’d just like to see the same as on BBOS here.
– Allow more than one page of icons in a folder

Right now those seem to be my biggest gripes that come to mind. If any are incorrect or have workarounds or something I missed, comment away as I’m still learning things about this daily.

A few other minor gripes I think are worth mentioning are:
– WhatsApp currently has to be sideloaded and is an Android port. Because it is a port, it does not integrate properly with contacts so you can’t start a conversation or invite a contact to a group. Notifications in the hub are also not the best, but do work. I use this app daily so that’s frustrating. Definitely can’t wait to see the native version!
– I seem to accidental dial a lot when phone calls are in the hub as it’s just one tap to dial. This could be what some people want, but a setting to add confirmation before dialing would be nice to see.

That’s all I can really think of for now. I’ll be back tomorrow with an update on daily usage.

In the meantime, any questions you have about the Z10 I’ll gladly answer.

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