Sooooo… Las Vegas… let me tell you. Awesome time with some awesome people. Things didn’t start off so hot though, as I arrived late Wednesday thanks to some stupid delays and an unnecessary de-planing. After that I had an extended layover in Newark, New Jersey as I just missed my flight. Walked around that airport so many times til I finally met some cool people at the bar from my previous flight that got shafted too and ended up either: a) staying a night in NJ or b) flying from NJ to SF then to LV (and arriving 12 hours later!). I lucked out and was automatically re-booked on one of the next flights right from NJ to LV. Got there and 2 of our crew were already asleep, waiting for me and my buddy. We went down and scoped out the hotel, awesome as it was. Never got a chance to check out any circus acts or the Adventuredome in the hotel though… come on, it’s Vegas, there’s just too much fun to be had. Rounded off the night with some drinks and a walk down the strip which was really nice at night. Made some really great friends in the hotel that we jammed with through out the whole weekend. Already making plans for the next festivals too.

Headed out early to do some souvenir shopping Thursday. Ended up getting roped in by a tour sales guy (Bob!) who sold us on a Grand Canyon South Rim tour and a “party bus” tour. “Party bus tour with 3 free drinks and an open bar” (his exact words) … ended up being a shared limo ride around Vegas to the major sights with a bottle of wine and some champagne. At first we were kinda annoyed as it arrived late and totally was not what we were told. After the first stop at the Vegas sign, the driver was nice enough to stop off at the liquor store so we could get our drinking situation straightened out. Rest of the night is a big awesome blur. Beer, jagermeister and the beautiful sights of Vegas.

First night of EDC itself started off amazing. That Circuit Grounds stage and that beautiful skyline as you walk in had us all in awe. Caught a few sets here (rockin’ the Drake mask lol) and then realized I lost my phone and ID pretty quickly (just like at Coachella, what else is new…) and things went down hill from there. To top that off our whole group got split up too. Feeling pretty defeated, I just caught the shuttle back by myself (and pretty much waited no time at all). Kinda glad I did because apparently the shuttle organization was the worst on day 1. Even though they were separated, everyone came strolling back in around 8AM. Got back to the hotel and after being let back in to my room by security (lost my room key… again what else is new) and had a message from my mom: someone had found my phone and ID/cards! Big shout out to you bro, you totally saved my weekend.

Second night we came back with a vengeance (and I totally left my phone at hotel for safe keeping :p). Joined by our hotel neighbour friends, this was arguably the best night as we were all able to stick together this time. We missed half the sets we wanted to see but tonight was about the people and the atmosphere. We met some nice people chillin’ in the quiet zone and signed their flag. Got my first Kandi bracelet trade here. Quite the cool concept. I had never heard of it before but after being introduced to it this day I was right into it.

We ended up deciding to cancel our Grand Canyon South Rim Tour as we all wanted to stay right until the end on day 3. Surprise guests were coming and we didn’t wanna miss that! The surprise guests ended up being: Dillon Francis, Dirty Phonics, and another one that I’m not so sure of at another stage. Everyone got seperated again but we all had at least one friend with us (buddy system ftw!) Got back around 8:30 again after a totally ridiculous wait for the shuttles, which ended up being an old transit bus instead of the coaches that we paid good money to ride. Shuttles was definitely the worst aspect of the festival for sure, but now we know what to expect.

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