It’s that season and I AM PUMPED.
So much to look forward to this year and it’s just getting started.

Here’s the list of fun for this year, so far:
May 22- Hot Air Balloon Ride – Sun Dance Balloons
May 23- Rock The River Cruise – Capital Cruises
May 30/31 – Ever After Music Festival
June 2 – Drake & Future – Jungle Tour
June 12/13 – Bestival
June 17-23 – First time in Vegas and EDC
June 27/28 – Escapade Music Festival
July 31-Aug 3 – Cottage with the Toronto fam

Somewhere in between and in no particular order:
– Flyboarding session –
– White Water Rafting and camping –
– Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum –
– Whiprsnapr Brewing Company tour –
Helicopter Tours over Niagara Falls

Can’t wait to get it started tomorrow with the Hot Air Balloon Ride, just hoping the weather stays nice!

Catch ya’ll at some of these hopefully!

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Originally posted on CrackBerry, here are some mirrors for the newly leaked OS for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

Passport: Download Here

Q10/Q5: Download Here

Z10: STL100-1 – Download Here / STL100-2/3/4 – Download Here

Z30/Classic: Download Here

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All working as of Thursday, January 29, 2015, 2:41:56 PM
Potential working links for SW
Operating System Version:
Radio Version: – (Assumed as OS + 1)

NOTE: Only the folder holding the potential files has been confirmed live, therefore live links for ALL devices is only assumed.
IMPORTANT: Only Debrick and Radio files needed to create an autoloader.

Blackberry Passport (QC8974)
Core OS:
Radio  :

Blackberry Z10 (STL 100-1)
Core OS:
Radio  :

Blackberry Z3 Z10 Z30 Q5 Q10 (QC8960)
Core OS:

Radios for Z3 Z10 Z30 Q5 Q10
Z3 (Jakarta) + Cafe Radio

Z10 (STL 100-2/3/4) and Porsche P9982 Radio

Z30 + Classic Radio

Q5 + Q10 + Khan Radio

Source: LillyFoxBlogs

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Mirrors of the OS leaks posted by lengend on CrackBerry.

Highly recommended to read the topic on CrackBerry if you have any questions.

Q10/Q5: Download Here

Z10: STL100-1 – Download Here / STL100-2/3/4 – Download Here

Z30: Download Here


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Mirrors of the OS leaks posted by DarcyTallGuy on CrackBerry.

Highly recommended to read the topic on CrackBerry if you have any questions.


Z10 – NO STL100-1



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Switching to a WordPress setup for ease of updates.

Download categories are to the side, but the main ones:

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Having used my Z10 for a few weeks now, I am really enjoying it. Coming from a Bold 9900 and a Torch 9810 previous to that, I was worried about how much trouble I was going to have with the onscreen keyboard. Needless to say, as I type this from my Z10, I have come to really like using it. That along side the peek functionality, which I use quite frequently, have really made the switch over a delight. Despite that, there are a few things I would love to see in future updates. Below is a wishlist I have made.

– On screen notifications of a message: currently when you receive a message of any kind it will only alert you via led/sound/vibration, depending on how you have it set. I think something like a toast message that shows a preview and can be tapped to take you directly to the message or swiped away to dismiss would be most effective.
– Increase maximum number of active frames: currently the limit is only 8. I think an increase to 10/12 might be possible considering the internal hardware, but that might not be the only issue. Perhaps even
once you opened beyond the max, the oldest could be minimized to some sort of app tray or even continue to run, but be accessible by app icon instead of active frame. On the other hand this would probably require some sort of task manager as well, which I don’t think would hurt to have anyway.
– Better BlackBerry Protect integration: currently only provides location of device, which is great in certain scenarios, but is quite limited in comparison to the BBOS version. I think this would have helped me a lot with the issue I was having restoring my data from my Bold using the first release of BlackBerry Link.
– Better BlackBerry Bridge functionality: right now you’re quite limited in what you can do when bridging to your PlayBook. You can share your data with it and that’s about as far as it goes. Again I’d just like to see the same as on BBOS here.
– Allow more than one page of icons in a folder

Right now those seem to be my biggest gripes that come to mind. If any are incorrect or have workarounds or something I missed, comment away as I’m still learning things about this daily.

A few other minor gripes I think are worth mentioning are:
– WhatsApp currently has to be sideloaded and is an Android port. Because it is a port, it does not integrate properly with contacts so you can’t start a conversation or invite a contact to a group. Notifications in the hub are also not the best, but do work. I use this app daily so that’s frustrating. Definitely can’t wait to see the native version!
– I seem to accidental dial a lot when phone calls are in the hub as it’s just one tap to dial. This could be what some people want, but a setting to add confirmation before dialing would be nice to see.

That’s all I can really think of for now. I’ll be back tomorrow with an update on daily usage.

In the meantime, any questions you have about the Z10 I’ll gladly answer.

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After going around to 5 different carriers to find one off contract, I finally got the BlackBerry Z10 yesterday. I ended up having to use my anytime upgrade with Telus but it worked out well. After spending an hour there (and showing the reps how to use BlackBerry 10 lol) I left with phone in hand, screen protector installed and the dual stand case.

My first night of usage was amusing (to me, at least). Being the type that has to have the latest and greatest (even software), I attempted to update to a newer OS using a leaked DevAlpha loader. The result: a bricked Z10, 6 hours after purchase – “Incompatible Radio Image Loaded on Device”. After trying every BlackBerry 10 loader I had, I was still bricked. I tried to restore my OS using BlackBerry Link but was unsuccessful, as was a quick Google search. At this point I switched over to my DevAlpha to use for the time being. Further searching the BlackBerry forum I was able to find a post by a user that had interrupted a security wipe and was in the same situation. Luckily, someone posted a response with a support article Found Here. I was then able to download and restore my OS using Internet Explorer.


Enjoying it so far today as I’m getting much better with the keyboard (this post was typed on it). A few other issues I had include contacts not restoring and default
alarm sound not going off. Despite those, I’m definitely glad I picked this up.